Holistic Way Academy Beauty Courses London

Complementary therapies course provider


Holistic Way Academy’s full-time courses are based in our studio in Acton, London. We organise practical sessions in small groups of students which allows to focus on each student’s individual needs, give more constructive feedback as well as create the ambience of inspiring confidence. All this gives the encouragement to participate actively in sessions, which makes the teaching process more effective.

Online Courses

Holistic Way Academy organises online courses which meet all professional standards for accredited courses with CPD points. This type of distant teaching makes this process very flexible, convenient and lowers the total costs as well as avoids commuting. Furthermore, students have the opportunity of learning depending on their time availability. The courses are equipped with videos and textbooks.


Our workshops and events are very effective forms of teaching. Students have the opportunity to get to know new topics within a relatively short time. There is a presentation and research on a specific subject or project. Workshops at Holistic Way Academy combine theory with practical aspects of given subject. It is the form of interactive meeting when participants can ask detailed questions.

Holistic Way Academy is a complementary therapies course provider based in London

We deliver accredited both online and full-time courses. Holistic Way Academy is a fully-fledged member of Think Tree Hub, an international professional association.

Holistic Way Academy shows the right, professional way to become a fully qualified therapist with the possibility of being a part of professional standard association recognition. After completion of our courses, students have the opportunity of becoming fully-fledged members of professional therapists’ associations.

Our mission is to share our passion and experience by providing the highest standard education courses.