Holistic Way Academy is a complementary therapies course provider based in London

We deliver accredited both online and full-time courses. Holistic Way Academy is a fully-fledged member of Think Tree Hub, an international professional association. After completion of our courses, students have the opportunity of becoming fully-fledged members of professional therapists’ associations.


We deliver complementary courses which teach students very effective techniques that can be applied to their clients simultaneously with the conventional medicine treatment. This is also the reason why complementary approach is that important.

Or courses are typically holistic which means that we concentrate on the whole aspect of human being, including the relations between all inner systems. We also combine the physical, energetical and spiritual part of human nature. Holistic Way Academy shows the right, professional way to become a fully qualified therapist with the possibility of being a part of professional standard association recognition.

We also deliver online course ‘so-called’ Bundle which is the foundation for each health and wellness practitioner. ‘Bundle’ consists of three different parts:

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Business & Management


we are Natalia and Marcin

Our mission is to provide high quality fully accredited courses so that our passion for the things we love doing can become yours as well. Marcin has been a therapist since 2009. During many years of his experience as a massage therapist and bio-energy healer, he developed a unique technique for helping his clients. Marcin treats every treatment in a very personalised way. Having gained years of practice, he decided to start teaching people. Many of his customers were asking him to teach them what he specialises in because they would have liked to support others in the same way as Marcin did. That is how the idea of Holistic Way Academy was born.

Marcin is the official Ambassador of Think Tree Hub for Poland. Natalia was always keen on psychology, astrology and humans’ patterns of behaviour.

For this reason, she was looking for the scientific background of peoples’ nature. Natalia was seeking the most valuable tools dealing with others’ attitudes, points of view, values etc. That is how she finally found Human Design as her passion. Natalia would like to share the practical side of her pastime with you by offering Human Design Course. This fascinating topic is combined with coaching, making it more applicable in everyday life.

Our qualifications:

Marcin has run a complementary clinic since 2014 in London, Acton. Within the range of therapies he provides, Marcin combines all physical, energetical and mental approaches. He specialises in Sports Massage Therapy, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy (physical level), and Bio-Energy Therapy (energy and mental level). On top of that, Marcin is Zinzino Independent Partner, the revolutionary test-based nutrition trend. All mentioned above makes that Marcin’s attention is focused on a purely holistic approach to the therapy (hence ‘Holistic’ Way Academy). Marcin holds teaching qualifications.

Natalia shares the same values as Marcin. She has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2015. Natalia combines a practice of different energy schools (Bio-Energy Therapy and dowsing). Moreover, Natalia has much practice in massage (especially Swedish Massage).
She is also a Zinzino Independent Partner specialising in test-based nutrition supplements.